Thank you for visiting my website. I hope that the next couple of minutes that you will be spending browsing through my website(s) will make you want to be a friend of mine, contact me to suggest having a cup of coffee or a drink, or even work with me! 

I am very happy to have this opportunity to introduce myself and some of my passions to you through this website. So thank you again! for visiting.

I was born and raised here in South, and have never lived overseas for an extended period of time, but I do speak a bunch of different languages and also love helping other people learn languages better. I love breakdancing and the opportunities that we can create through the Internet, so all my activities are naturally focused around these three keywords: "languages" "b-boying" and "Internet". 

My passions

These are my passions:

  • Learning to speak new languages
  • B-boying 
  • Teaching languages 
  • Traveling and speaking the local language
  • Photography and videography 

My Company

I am currently the CEO of (주)지나인, the company I created in 2009 to continue doing what I love doing, which is teaching the Korean language to the world. 


Talk To Me In Korean is my dream job, and I love every minute I spend at it. I am running the website TalkToMeInKorean.com with some of the most awesome people I know to help the whole world learn & speak better Korean. 


I publish videos on YouTube every week. You can check out my videos here: 



I have been running several blogs both in Korean and English since 2004, and currently my main blog in Korean is about learning languages and my everyday life. You can read it at http://why-be-normal.com.


I also host radio and TV shows to help people learn languages better. If you listen to the radio on EBS (national educational broadcasting station) or watch EBS TV channels, you might hear my voice or see me from time to time. I am also a regular guest on a couple other shows on EBS and Arirang Radio.


I am also an Airbnb host. You can stay at my place in a private room if you make a reservation in advance. Here's the link!